Developing a Winning Craps Strategy

Though there are plenty of guides that will offer players a tried and true craps strategy, most players prefer to develop their own approach to the game. By using the available information about what works and testing to see what their own preferences are, players can easily develop a winning craps strategy that fits them perfectly.

Identifying Limitations

The truth is, there's no sure fire way to avoid risk or maximize payouts in any gambling game. Every game favors the house and seeks to avoid giving money away to the player. In order to get the most out of each game, players should keep in mind that they will likely lose money and then prepare for that to happen. By only wagering money they can afford to lose, players will always be pleasantly surprised when they actually win money through their personal craps strategy.

Identifying Preferences

The first step in developing a winning craps strategy is to determine exactly what the player likes about the game. If the player has the most fun when risky bets are on the board and there's a special thrill in each roll of the dice, the player may prefer a strategy that uses multiple risky bets such as Any Craps. If the player prefers to win money steadily with conservative and tested wagers, the player should stick to balancing Pass Line bets with Come bet.

A winning craps strategy is different for every player and for every game. What works for one may be tedious and restricting for another. Players should try a few different techniques before attempting to settle on any one strategy.

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