What Is the Charlie Rule in Online Blackjack?

Depending on the variation of blackjack you're playing, there may be additional or amended rules that aren't recognized in a standard game of blackjack. The Charlie Rule is one of these. If a player's hand contains five cards or more and totals 21 or less, that player wins regardless of the dealer's hand according to the Charlie Rule. Charlie rule is not implemented in all casinos but is worth searching for it because it will increase your winning chances. Check out these guys to find in what online casinos you can play blackjack with that rule and how to redeem blackjack bonus codes to get a free no deposit bonus.

Five Card Charlie

The chances of getting five cards without busting are actually rather favorable. If a casino allowed every five card Charlie to beat the dealer's hand, regardless of value, the house edge would drop below zero. Casinos have to make money, so many online blackjack games don't include a five card Charlie rule. If it is included, a dealer blackjack may still win or other stipulations may be included to decrease the odds for the player.

Six Card Charlie

The most common Charlie rule in online blackjack is the six card Charlie. The normal house edge, which is typically about 0.5%, is reduced by about 0.16% with this rule enacted, offering a profitable opportunity for the player. Many online blackjack games have integrated features that help you choose the best strategy for the Charlie rule to increase your winning potential.

Seven Card Charlie

It's possible to collect a hand of seven cards without ever going over 21, but the chances of doing so are very slim. Some casinos offer a seven card Charlie rule because it has very little effect on the house edge. The 0.01% reduction, however, isn't very attractive to players so most stick to five and six card hands if they want to win with the Charlie Rule.

Online blackjack developers put intriguing twists on this classic casino game to keep players excited and entertained. The Charlie Rule in online blackjack is a great way to win more often.

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